Advance Engineering's field experience and advanced analytical skills allow us to assess the condition of your building envelope system and provide comprehensive cladding assessments for a variety of materials including brick, stone, sandstone, EIFS, vinyl, stucco and HardiPlank.   

Our team reviews the condition, aesthetic appeal, support, lifespan and construction assemblies of your exterior surfaces to ensure an optimally performing and functioning building envelope system.

Your buildings periphery materials face drastic temperature swings and a variety of external forces like wind or precipitation and it is important to have them inspected for integrity to ensure safety, efficiency and reliability. A faulty exterior can lead to water penetration, disrupted airflow, decreased energy efficiency and poor noise control.

Advance Engineering assesses visual and underlying components, identifies trouble spots and provides repair or replacement options to fit your needs and keep your assets protected.

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Advance Engineering is the partner you can trust to deliver complete and timely solutions for your building envelope challenges.

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